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    Randy Wise Fenton, MI -Warranty Scam

    On 7/26/10, I purchased my 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix from Randy Wise in Fenton as a 24 year old single female making my first vehicle purchase without help. The vehicle was sold to me as a GM Certified Used Car with the following conditions per General Motors: Owner Care:
    •Exclusive 2-Year/24,000-Mile1 CPO Scheduled Maintenance Plan•12-Month/12,000-Mile2 Bumper-to-Bumper Limited Warranty
    •Powertrain Limited Auto Warranty
    •5-Year/100,000 Mile3 Powertrain Limited Warranty on Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles from Chevy, Buick, Or GMC with $0 deductible.
    •Enhanced 6-Year/100,000 Mile Powertrain Limited Warranty $0 deductible
    In addition to this warranty I was offered an extended warranty by the finance representative for the cost of $2615. I was told that the extended warranty would cover me for 100k miles from date of purchase bringing my warranty to 144,902 miles total for the bumper to bumper “platinum plan”. My car was serviced in 2010, 2011, 2012, and each service document lists the warranty as B2356P COMPASS 144902 OR 7/26/15 $100 DED. The engine was serviced multiple times and covered under the warranty before the vehicle exceeded 100k miles. I brought the vehicle in on 11/29/13 and was given a rental car per my warranty; I received a phone call later stating that my warranty expired at 100k miles and would not be covered. My father got involved as the dealership was not willing to work with me. My father spoke to Service Mgr., he ultimately agreed that the warranty was miscommunicated and was admissive that there was a mistake; he covered the vehicle repairs (rack &pinion, power steering pump, wheel hub, thermostat) with no additional explanation. I brought the car back again on 6/30/14 as the power steering has failed and the vehicle is leaking coolant, I was told by Service Manager that he would not cover the cost of the repair again and that it was done previously as a courtesy due to the warranty miscommunication. When I showed him all of my documentation outlining the warranty on Randy Wise letterhead as 144902 miles or 7/26/15 with $100 ded, his only response was that “good help is hard to find” and said he simply could not cover the repair as the dealership had retained enough cost surrounding the vehicle. I also pointed out that the GM warranty had 24k miles/2years of bumper to bumper and 100k miles for powertrain which would suggest that they sold me a warranty at that cost which only covered 31,092 of non-powertrain coverage to which he said that he felt I had paid a fair price for this extremely limited amount of coverage. He suggested that I pay $100 or more per hour to have the car diagnosed to which I disagreed to after contacting my father. I paid just under $19k for a car that I still owe money on that no longer runs and likely requires extensive engine work (again!) . Very disappointing and sad experience!!

    Do not buy a car from Randy Wise!! Especially do not agree to any type of warranty that is offered as the finance rep had completely lied to me and incorrectly submitted the paperwork to Compass (American Guardian) warranty (Compass confirmed the dealership listed my car as a new car with 0 reported miles & no cost difference to me had it been done properly) . This dealership will do anything to make some extra money!:zx11pissed:

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    Re: Randy Wise Fenton, MI -Warranty Scam

    It really stinks for you. Thanks for the heads up. Some people will do anything to make a quick buck.

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