Now of course I realize this does not apply to all of them, but after following all the matches and news I'm starting to get really sick of South-American 'supporters' and their attitude towards other teams and players.

Uruguay - Italy: It was a clear and deliberate bite. Literally everyone with a brain knows that. But not the people from Uruguay; they see Suarez as a hero, the bite marks were clearly photoshopped and the president defended him and blamed everyone else instead, even daring to claim "I didn't see him bite anyone".

Diego Maradona also got into the biting argument, calling Pelé and Beckenbauer "idiots" for supporting the punishment Suarez recieved.
Netherlands - Mexico: Marquez clearly made a foul against Robben, but the Mexicans just refuse to aknowledge it. Instead, the referee and Dutch National team get insulted in their media and songs and this time it's coach Miguel Herrera who just can't stop being a pathetic crybaby.

Brazil - Colombia: Enough said here.

Then there's the constant whistling and Puta-shouting whenever a non-South-American team has the ball. Absolutely disgusting.

This didn't happen last year in South Africa. It didn't happen the year before in Germany. When European teams lose, they blame theirselves and take their loss. What is it about South-American supporters that they get so defensive and frustrated instead?