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    All you need to know about Web Conferencing explained

    Here you go. Read away about the dos and don'ts off web conferencing. Please share your experiences here. This is all you need to know about it and alot of free personal and professional advice.

    The term web conferencing can be a set of features, a type of activity and a type of software. But basically, web conferencing refers to anything that falls under corroborative conference that happens online between two or more people in different locations. It doesnt matter whether they are within a building or worlds apart as long as they are conducting their meeting through the internet.

    Web conferencing can use audio, video, text or combination. It can happen in real time or in an asynchronous environment, depending on the system the attendees use.

    But web conferencing is not just a process of communicating by simply sending and receiving information while seeing the person you are talking to. What make this system special are the features that it has.

    A web conferencing system may have some or all or the following features:

    White boards are just like the white boards in a typical office conference room. White boards can be set up in a way where participants can see your notes in real time or in a way where anyone can actively participate, add notes or make changes on the board.

    Desktop Sharing allows other user to connect to your computer and check your system for any problem. This is a common feature that is used by computer system specialists and technicians.

    Text Messaging is basically the same with the usual text messaging feature. You can send and receive questions and answers in real time. Messages can be limited between 2 persons or can be shared to the group. Text messaging may substitute audio conferencing if the latter is impractical.

    Scheduling programs make web conferencing easy by aiding the user to send alerts to other participants about the meeting and synchronize or make changes on the groups web conference calendar.

    PowerPoint Presentations (Windows) and Keynote (Mac) can be used to present, in real time, to your web conference group for added impact.

    Co-browsing allows 2 or more users to browse one website simultaneously. This is a very helpful costumer service tool as it enables the seller to walk a client through details of the product on the website. This is much similar to a costumer representative assisting you when you walked into a shop or a store.

    File sharing capability is not exactly similar to sending and receiving files through email. This feature gives the group the capacity to upload files on a shared workspace that can be retrieved by other authorized participants.

    Private meeting room on designated URL can be used to conduct meeting without requiring all participants to download or purchase particular software. All they need to do is to enter a specific URL to join the conference. While security has become a major issue when using URL, web conferencing system vendors have some security measures to their software to make it more private and keep unauthorized user from reading your files.

    Record, store and play allow attendees to record the entire conference and play it back later. These features also benefit those who were not able to attend the meeting.

    Surveying can be used if the meeting relies on feedbacks from the participants. Surveying allows recording and easily tabulation of different responses.

    With the basic audio and video features, web conferencing mixes with any of these elements to make meetings more realistic ˝ the feeling that you are actually there where you can see, hear and exchange notes with other attendees.

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    Looking for Web Conferencing

    Are you looking for web conferencing? Well here's some free tips from your buddy, Maybee:

    If the need for web conferencing system becomes inevitable, you need to have one fast, right? Wrong! Investing on the tool that may make or break the future of your business require more than your impulse. You need to know what your particular communication need is, what system will work for you best, how much will such system cost, and how reliable and secured such system would be. Knowing all these will lead you to the right decision when looking for a web conferencing system.

    What you need defines it all
    Look for a particular system that you need. You may know this already but it needs to be reiterated so that you dont waste your money on an unsuitable system.

    There are several vendors and hundreds of different web conferencing tools online; searching for one that you need may be very confusing. Determine if what you need falls under the following categories:

    ´ Instant messaging
    ´ Screen sharing
    ´ Webcasting
    ´ Screencasting
    ´ Remote PC access
    ´ Chat room software
    ´ Micro-blogging
    ´ Presentation creation and delivery
    ´ Online meetings and presentations
    ´ Live costumer support system
    ´ Other services

    Any web conferencing vendors fall under one of these categories. Once you have determined what you need, you can now look for a particular service provider from the specific category you have chosen.

    Security features

    Going through the details about the security features of your possible vendor must be your main priority. Hackers and other unauthorized users may tap into your network and steal confidential documents from your server. Check with your vendor the types of security features they have.

    The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) has set up a standard on web conferencing security: Secure Socket Layer (SSL), non-persistent data flow and intrusion control. SSL limits data access to intended recipients and prohibits unauthorized access to data. Non-persistent data flow constantly transfers your data from one host to another to avoid detection from unauthorized users.

    Intrusion control can detect and shut down unauthorized users from accessing your data. These standards are voluntarily adopted by the web conferencing hosting companies and manufacturers.

    Other useful features

    Depending on your needs you can choose from vendors that offer a small meeting hosting service or a conference with 1000 participants. Video conferencing feature, multilingual support, flash presentation, and file sharing (document files, PDF, 3D models, CAD drawings etc) should be considered as well.

    Some vendors offer a 30-day trial period which is ideal if you still donÝt know exactly how your chosen system will work.


    Flying in and accommodating clients for meeting or gathering your staff offsite for a seminar can be very problematic and very expensive. But that doesnÝt meant that you are free to spend your money on any web conferencing system you can find. You still have to make sure that you can get the best services from every penny you spend.

    Web conferencing is either sold as a service or is sold with server side solution. The former is controlled by the vendor from their web server. The latter allows you to host your own web conferencing using your own server. The service can be paid per minute, per named user, per port or per month.

    There are varying features that are being offered by different vendors. Be smart in choosing what you really need by keeping in mind the factors mentioned above.
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    Web Conferencing Security Procedures

    In a typical office meeting there are certain conversations and documents you want to keep within a limited number of people. That is why you only hold meetings on certain room, doors locked, away from people that are not involved.

    Same rule applies when you hold meetings using web conferencing hosting service. But unlike a typical meeting where you can shut your doors, close the blind or even sound proof the room to keep unauthorized people away, web conferencing, just like any other web activities, poses threat on your security, your participants, documents, product secrets, earnings projections, employee records, and conversation. It is imperative, therefore, that during the conference, take note of every tiny detail that can be done to keep everything secured.

    During a web conference, your data is temporarily stored on a server that can be accessed by participants. But there is a tendency that people hack your system and access these data. To counteract this access, web conferencing employ 3 security standards: SSL, non-persistent data flow and intrusion control.

    SSL or the Secure Socket Layer is a web conferencing security feature that prevents your documents to be read by users other than the intended receivers.

    Instead of keeping the data stored in one computer during a web conference, the non-persistent data flow feature constantly shifts the data from one host to another ˝ making it undetectable from unauthorized access.

    Intrusion control keeps unauthorized users from accessing the data by shutting the transfer ports down.

    Although web conferencing hosts differ in their security construction, most follow voluntarily to these 3 standards. The rest who do not follow these standards are services that are free and downloadable in the internet. (If you are running a large industry, you may steer away from these free programs.)


    As a web conferencing host, you have to make sure that your documents, as well as your participants are secured. If you are using a hosting service, be mindful of the security features that should be active during the web conference.

    Carefully send emails to the participants about the conference. You may want to limit important details about the conference to the people concerned especially if the information is confidential.

    Be watchful of the people who are trying to enter the conference. Uninvited users should be terminated immediately. (Most hosting providers automatically do these for you.)

    Sensitive information that should only be revealed on particular persons during the conference should not be sent to others. Determine which detail should be shared and which should be kept within specific persons.

    After a web conference, make sure that the important and confidential data are deleted immediately (if you are using the services of a web conferencing hosting company). Security measures do not end after the web conference. If your files are left on the service somebody might be able to get access to it.

    As business norms begin to go global and methods on doing business begin to extend beyond the boundaries of your office, hackers and online criminals tend to adapt and become more creative. These are what you should look out for.

    Web conferencing maybe one of the better ways to run and expand your business but if you are not careful enough, you might become a victim. When holding a meeting online, these things will be able to protect you.
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    Web Conferencing Security Tips

    Web conferencing has evolved from a mere sending and receiving data via internet to a sophisticated online communication tool where everyone can find it as real as a typical office meeting setup. Web conferencing gives participants the freedom of communicating, actively interacting and sharing data without going into logistical and financial complications.

    But just like any other online activities, web conferencing is prone to hackers and online criminals. If not properly secured, a web conference may be at risk and may place your confidential information on the hands of unauthorized individuals.

    Security breach happens. Thats a fact that should be dealt by people who are doing businesses or exchanging vital business information through web conferencing. Thus, no matter what type of web conferencing system you are using, security should be your main priority.

    To protect your trade secrets, earnings projections, employee information, product knowledge as well as the people and conversation during a web conference, here are the security measures you can do:

    ´ Get a web conferencing system from a reputable vendor.

    Running a business that requires online meetings and presentations to exchange vital information should not be done with free and downloadable web conferencing tool. Since reputable vendors sell web conferencing systems that are both secured and reliable, you can be assured that conversations and confidential information are kept within yourselves. Take note of the 3 security features you should look for:

    1. Encryption with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) limits the data readable only to the intended persons.

    2. Non-persistent data flow continuously transfers your data from one host computer to another to prevent hackers from detecting and accessing your most important files.

    3. Intrusion control automatically detects and shuts down unauthorized user from accessing your system.

    These are standard features that are set by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and are adopted by the web hosting companies and manufacturers.

    While web conferencing hosting services or software can cost a bit, the benefits, savings and peace of mind surpass any amount of investment you made.

    ´ Give the information only to concerned individuals

    Carefully send web conferencing notice to intended participants through email.. Access codes should only be given to the participants. There are things that should only be discussed within a group, do not allow others to interfere to your conversation by giving them access to your web conference.

    ´ Be watchful of the uninvited participants during the conference.

    Just like a typical meeting, you kick out unauthorized persons that enter the room. Make sure that you maintain vigilance on the movement of the participants particularly the uninvited entrants. (Many vendors include this feature to their products. Be sure to check on it.)

    ´ Erase data on the storage after the web conference.

    Security does not end after the meeting. Make sure that your provider deletes all your uploaded data from its server.

    ´ Assign the level of information access to every participant.

    Some participants need not know everything. Even among the participants, give information on a need to know basis.

    There are 3 certain things in life: death, taxes and hackers. The first two cannot be avoided; the latter can be dealt by making sure that you are properly protected. Keep these tips in mind so you can keep you, your clients, business and employees protected.

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    Where to use Web Conferencing

    No matter who you are, what you do or which industry you work for, web conferencing is can be a big help. Let us look closely on where you can use web conferencing:


    Students who are enrolled in an online institution or a virtual school can be thought with the use of web conferencing. Using the available features, students can actively participate in the discussion and ask question and get instant replies just being in a conventional classroom setup.

    Training and Coaching.

    Training institutions and private coaching can use web conferencing as well. English language instructors can teach English to students from another country.


    Perhaps, one of the most popular uses of web conferencing is meeting new friends. Tools such as Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, and MSN Live are used by kids, teens as well as adults to talk with other people from another country. Web conferencing is a great tool to get connected to long lost friends.

    Public Relations.

    Improving public relations were originally done through personal public appearances and attending meetings and conferences. In business, public relations are important in building reputation and rapport to the media and costumers. Web conferencing is a convenient and cost-effective venue for people to build their image online.

    Banking Industry.

    Managing important overseas costumers should not require traveling and doing business with them in person. Web conferencing enables bank representatives to remotely talk and see their costumers and efficiently do conduct business with them. Also, talking to investors and analysts on the possible business and new marketing strategies can be done using web conferencing system.

    Legal Services.

    Clients and witnesses who are unable to meet you in person can be met through web conferencing. As a lawyer, you will be able to talk to your clients and witnesses and at the same time, see them without actually having to travel on their location.

    Home Offices.

    More and more people are beginning to leave their offices and work from their home. This is because tasks that were usually done at the office can now be done at home through the internet. Home-based employees can receive instructions about their work and communicate with their workmates and bosses using web conferencing.

    Employers on the other hand do not have to rent a space to have an office ˝ especially if the nature of the business doesnt require machines or other physical setups. Professionals working from home like web marketers, costumer services, programmers, SEO specialists, freelance writers and even engineers and can work and conduct business deals with their clients and employees using web conferencing.

    Sales and Marketing.

    Theres a reason why snail-mail is called as, well, snail-mail. It is slow and very inefficient when it comes to making important business deals. Now, to make more money, businesses use different online sales and marketing strategies, including web conferencing to effectively provide detailed information, audio and visual presentations about the products they are selling, which are crucial to closing deals and making profit.

    Large Export Industries.

    Companies or factories that manufacture or contract orders from other companies overseas do not have to physically visit their clients (or vice versa) to negotiate deals and finalize orders. Web conferencing is the best tool to cut money while receiving important information about the deal.

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    Things to Consider When Selecting Web Conferencing Hosting Company

    lthough business owners and companies know what they are doing, most know too little about the details, types, features of web conferencing. So when choosing a provider, the things that matters are often overlooked.

    The following are important information that will help you choose the web conferencing hosting provider that fits to your needs.

    1. Understand the difference between the different kinds of hosting services.

    As the web hosting industry evolved and became more specialized to answer different business needs, it is important to understand how providers differ to make the right decision.

    Shared Hosting is a service where all the clients of the host can use the server. It is like sharing a very large conference room with other clients. That means that if multiple clients use the server at the same time, the performance of the site may be affected. The good thing, however, is that this service is often cheap.

    Dedicated Hosting is basically leasing a server from the host where you are the only client who can use it, unlike shared hosting. The level of technical support depends on the price you pay; but still, this is the best option for large businesses and industries who wish to have an uninterrupted online communication and large size data storage.

    2. Do not place budget your top priority.

    Saving money is good but make sure that the money you save from selecting a cheaper hosting company can answer your service requirements. Remember the old saying ýyou get what you pay forţ? A cheaper hosting company may not offer features that are important to your business. Connection speed can also become an issue. Over-prioritizing on the price can bring you to lots of problems later on and maybe, can cost you more.

    3. DonÝt get blinded with the brand.

    Big and familiar names in the industry may have reliable services but that doesnÝt mean they are stable. When choosing your hosting company, open up yourself to all available companies that can provide your needs.

    4. Prioritize on security.

    During web conferencing, you send, receive and store confidential information about your business that you donÝt want others to know. If the hosting company is not well-equipped with standard security features, spammers, hackers and online criminals can access freely to your information. A good hosting company has Secure Socket Layer (SSL), non-persistent data flow and intrusion control features. These security standards are set by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) to protect the users and the data from authorized access.

    5. Understand the payment methods and make sure that you know how much do the maintenance and technical support cost.

    The different maintenance and technical support services should be properly outlined. Know which services are free and paid.

    6. Take note of your needs.

    Ending up with wrong hosting company is not only annoying but also expensive. Before purchasing a service, make sure that you know what are the features they offer and if these features fit to your need. It is important to list down all the features you need and find a host that provide these features.

    Web conferencing are reliable and economical but make sure that you choose the host carefully so that you can enjoy and maximize the benefits of this technology.
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