I was reading an article about Rob Ford the mayor of Toronto and it got me thinking. ALcohol always seems to bring out the true self, the dark racist in almost everyone.

Mayor Rob Ford says he uttered racist and homophobic slurs because he suffers from the disease of alcoholism. And he still has no plans to talk to the police.

In his first two interviews since returning from a two-month stint in rehabilitation for substance abuse, Ford said he “can’t even imagine” saying what he did about various minority groups in the city.

“When you have this disease, you say things, you do things, that aren’t you,” he told CBC. He added: “I think that goes along with having this disease.”

Ford did not specifically apologize to the people he insulted with the slurs “n----r,” “k--e,” “w-p,” “d-go,” “f-g,” and, allegedly, “P--i.” He offered a general apology, when pressed, in a subsequent interview on CP24.
This is the same type of thing that Mel Gibson went through. Alcohol loosens your inner true beast. Salesmen call it "Liquid Courage". People often do a shot to take the edge off. But it seems more and more in this new politically corrective age that all this suppressed racism or bigotry or prejudice in everyone. People of all colors, races, creeds, fall into stereotypes and most people judge everyone within 2 seconds, profiling the person in front of them and they adjust their behavior and body language. Whether we want to discuss it intelligently or not also shines light on the subject. Certain people refuse to even talk about race like that is in itself racism which is ignorant.