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    Starting to get very freaked out... need advice on if I am getting targeted and what to do about it.

    In the last month I have had an unauthorized charge to my paypal, AND my bank account. Both were thankfully resolved by my bank and so obviously not me I didn't have much trouble. However, today someone tried to hack my g-mail account. The thing is my paypal and my g-mail have different passwords and the bank account we are 90% sure I got skimmed at a gas station. It all SEEMS random but the fact they all happened in a months time makes me think someone is purposefully targeting me. I have no clue why they would... my credit is shit and I don't have very much money (and I don't know anyone who would try to do this over a personal reason, no real enemies that I know of). My account is set up to just deny any overcharges so I don't have to worry too much it will send me far under. But I am getting super freaked out and worried. I changed all my passwords to much harder ones, changed my security questions and canceled my current card and closed my paypal. Is there any thing else I should be doing?

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    Re: Starting to get very freaked out... need advice on if I am getting targeted and what to do about it.

    Your CC is not tied to your PayPal - unless you have a PayPal CC ...
    Try cleaning out all the junkware from your computer.

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