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    Olayiwola Alara - http://www.aagc.us/

    Hi all,

    Mr. Olayiwola Alara poses as the CEO of a Venture Capital firm based in New York (aagc.us) and promises to provide funding to entrepreneurs looking for capital for their start-ups. However, for "trust to be built" he requires money or goods to go his way first. In my case he asked that I buy him tickets and pay for accommodation to Brazil where my start-up business is located.


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    Re: Olayiwola Alara - http://www.aagc.us/

    Unfortunately now in 2017, it appears that Mr. Olayiwola Alara continues to attempt to scam/live off of others' hard work. This time, through an all time low of an OkCupid profile.
    Presenting himself as someone who "has dreams" but states "right now I am not making enough income to conveniently accommodate myself, I need a place to stay from where I can build".
    This man then went on to ask (via text) to move in with me (to my apartment) after meeting me only once, for a 45 minute coffee date.
    Run from this man and run fast!!!! I hope this post helps save at least one potential investor, or potential OkCupid victim from his scammyness.
    All the best!

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