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    The internet is so awesome

    The internet has really turned me into a hermit, although life is seriously, awesomely, good. I am living in a new place, lightning speed internet instead of shared horrible wifi and I am in heaven. As per TV, I use playnow.tv and it syncs to my tv through my playstation 3. I have Netflix, Sirius Xm, and my new favorite Amazon Prime. I get groceries and a couple bottles of wine delivered monthly. I literally turned into an agoraphobic /hermit but I LOVE IT. I have everything I need at my fingertips. Although I miss offices, and people, and gossip, I smell the roses now with my current situation. I cook amazing meals, I take walks, I shoot baskets at sunset. My cat keeps me happy and I find pleasure in feeding squirrels and chipmunks outside my sliding glass doors. I bike daily by a beautiful canal, and work on new internet projects. The internet makes me smarter. The internet entertains me. The internet challenges every part of me I seriously am happy and it is nice to feel relieved and free. Now I gotta drop 25lbs and find me a mate :liefde:

    Is anyone out there happy? What has the internet done for you?:spin2:

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    Re: The internet is so awesome

    You're probably right. I learn many things through Internet, by doing my assignments, projects, school reports, job search and even social medias help me a lot. I've met my crush through internet sites.Ahaha :)

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