Hello, my name is Justin and I am posting this to warn people about a website called or known as HIDNATION.com, I used this site to order 2 sets of HID headlight upgrade kits for my car. I was told to use my credit/debit card to complete the purchases, I also wanted to get rush shipping through FedEx for 20.00 more dollars. My total came to 200.00 and I received my conformation email from the website saying I was to receive the package on Tuesday the 24 of June. This isn't what happened, I wAited to the delivery date and nothing came. I called FedEx and they told me the tag was printed, but the vender (HID NATION) didn't send or set up a pick up for said package. I then called back Hidnation to see what happened? He refused to answer my calls... I had to then report this as fraud and shut my bank account down and get new credit/debit cards because my account was charged $400, not the $200 that the kits cost. This company is based out of Quebec, Canada and I warn you now, you will be ripped off. If anyone else has had this same issue... please report it to the better business bureau.