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    Scam Teaching Agency, Thailand

    BR Language School, Phetchaburi (Thailand) [Teaching Agency]

    Please be warned: Never sign up with this company! They deduct 20,000 baht from your first month's salary (calling it a deposit). No other agency/ school does this!!!

    You will be out of work for 6 weeks in September/October (no pay). Unlike schools and most agencies who pay you a flat salary (e.g.30k each month), this agency only pays per teaching hour so your income will be heavily reduced when classes are cancelled for activities, sports events, exams, etc. They don't pay for sick days either. Additionally, they are the only teaching agency to deduct a percentage of your salary for so called tax... And, they wonít give you a copy of your contract!

    If you try to contact them itís nigh on impossible: theyíre rarely at their office; they donít reply to e-mails; and they very rarely answer the phone or sms u back!

    I know of many past teachers who have worked for them who have been treated very badly too. Itís much better to apply directly with the schools in the area. Please stay well away from these cowboys!!!

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    Re: Scam Teaching Agency, Thailand

    Whoa I never heard of anything like this. Are you paying for the school or is the arrangement to garnish your wages after you get work?

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