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Thread: The Good in Man

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    The Good in Man

    This morning on my bike ride into town I came upon this fox that had just been hit by a car. His eyes were slowy opening and closing, he was shaking out of control and his heart was beating out of his chest. All I wanted to do was help him but I quickly realized there was nothing I could do so I sat down next to him and gave him the warmth and company that I think I would appreciate if I was in that situation. His eyes closed for good, the shaking was down to a minimum and as I rubbed his little head to comfort him, I literally watched his last heart beat. RIP little guy the world will miss you.

    Only… 8 hours later, the man returned and discovered something amazing: the fox was alive.

    Somehow, the little fox found the strength and courage to keep on fighting. The man scooped him up and began searching for a veterinary hospital that could take the fox in. Hopefully the beautiful critter will be able to pull through this traumatic experience. Most hit-and-run incidents don’t end like this.


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    Re: The Good in Man

    REVIVAL is what it's ALL ABOUT!? LIVE is VIVE is SOMEWHERE always A parent as real parenting goes on!? even down to the creatures of lesser consideration!? hey, david blaine revivded a fly!? YUK!? but a REALITY chek MIGHT include a PET which YOU claim OWNERSHIP!? THEN the "BILL" IS THRU the roof!? AND obama aint GONNA help!? ing1: :freak3: :spin2: :
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