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    Is a Subway franchise a good investment ?

    I know alot of people want to work for themselves, but is buying a Subway location franchise a good investment for yourself and family?

    There are plenty of franchise opportunities that, on the surface, may appear to be a very good thing for everyone in general, but once the inner workings of the company is known than an individual might not seem to keen to open up one of their particular franchises. There are many good franchises available, though, and some companies simply exist to not only further their business and the profits they have made, but also to teach other future franchise owners the good, the bad, and the ugly about owning their own store. One of those genuinely good franchise opportunities that is being referenced her0e is the Subway Corporation. There are many good things about owning a Subway Corporation franchise, and here are some things to think about if the thought has crossed your mind once or twice:

    Healthy Food for Healthy People

    One good thing (and there are many more) about owning a Subway franchise is that the whole restaurant chain is totally unique with the food that it has to offer. Most of their submarine sandwiches have less calories and less fat than typically other submarine houses throughout the United States and the world! Perhaps this is one of the good things about owning a franchise! Being able to provide healthy food choices for the people in their community is what a lot of Subway franchise owners love about the opportunity to own their own Subway store. It was only with the introduction of the personal pizzas that Subway has upped the amount of calories and fat in a product that they're selling, but many people don't mind this just because of the plethora of other healthy options available!

    Subway Franchises Galore!

    Did you know that there are actually more than 25,000 Subway Corporation franchises throughout the world today? Perhaps this is because of the good food that they have for consumers, or perhaps this is indicative of something much better. But the 25,000 Subway Corporation franchises certainly beats out the number of McDonald's franchises that exist throughout the United States. Indeed, McDonald's has just over 11,000 franchises located in the United States whereas the number of Subway's franchise stores has grown to just over 21,000. The amazing growth of Subway throughout America, but here is one possible reason why there has been an increase in Subway franchise opportunities:

    A Perfect Solution

    Perhaps the reason that there are plenty of Subway franchises in the United States is because Subway offers the perfect solution. Not only does this mean that Subway offers plenty of healthy food choices available, but the company headquarters has a reputation for truly caring about their franchise owners. Not only will you receive quality ongoing support from a Subway Corporation professional or another franchise location nearby, but they remember what it was like to struggle through the first few years of owning a business as well!

    All things considered, the Subway Corporation franchise opportunity is great for a whole wide range of people. Just thinking about all the great benefits one can receive from owning a Subway franchise should entice anyone to opening one up!

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    Re: Is a Subway franchise a good investment ?

    there have been complaints. always check the location,easy access,easy hours. I heard of one who went bankrupt because he put it in a shopping mall. problem is that his hours are dictated by the mall not him. also they let two stores compete within a mile of each. one survives the other does not. so check the locale and do they have another close by chose place where every one would want a breakfast or a lunch like a medical center. a school or college or a large office complex. everyone goes there to get lunch.:

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    Re: Is a Subway franchise a good investment ?

    I see franchises as being in jail creatively. If you are a nerdy math cruncher you could probably open up 5 to 10 a make a great living, but 1 to 3 is probably a never ending headache and grind. I have heard horror stories.

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    Re: Is a Subway franchise a good investment ?

    I am loving Subway lately. I can't eat CrapDonalds or BuggarKing too much anymore, and Wendy's is so expensive. I wish Subway had a giant salad bar where you could make your own salad, with fun toppings.
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