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    Is Jobs8Home is SCAM?

    I'm new on this side.
    Can anyone tell me is Jobs8Home is SCAM?

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    Re: Is Jobs8Home is SCAM?

    I think it is based on the posts I have received but am not certain. I will investigate more & re-post when I have found something. Jill in Phildelphia.

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    Re: Is Jobs8Home is SCAM?

    I have read alot here at scam and I have learned this....when domain names have numbers in it, they are usually small hustlers running it. When it is a great single word domain name, it is usually a huge company subbing out services and making money like an affiliate would.

    I just checked out their website, seems like they are a an informative blog-type website that has tons of opportunities. There's some decent articles.

    Word of advice, have multiple windows opening, and check out some of the companies that they are plugging. Never pay to become an affiliate upfront.
    When in doubt, Meditate!

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