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    Minecraft is my new favorite video game on the PS3

    I know all you gamers will say PC, but for me and my crazy awesome nephews spent 20 hrs this past beautiful weekend (i know) on Minecraft. It is my favorite video game by far on the PS3. I played Dungeon Defenders for a long time but I completed it 100 times. Minecraft with a mic online, playing with friends all over the world creating and building and battling.....so much fun.

    If you need to bond with 6 to 13 year olds, MINECRAFT!!!!

    Get cheap $8 bluetooth mics on Amazon.com.

    PLAY PLAY PLAY PLAY. You will feel like a kid again.

    FOR KIDS......It teaches ESSENTIAL computer skills with the building. I had them both play in Paint and then Photoshop (totally similar)......and they made crazy good pictures.

    This video game brings in the essence and mental stimulation of Legos and computers and social interaction. I can't describe HOW much fun we all had together.

    Plus why you play it opens them up to talk about real life issues.


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    Re: Minecraft is my new favorite video game on the PS3

    Minecraft is also my new favorite video game. No not really. I have tried playing it with my nephew and it was not for me at all. Bring on a different game for me like GTA.

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