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    2014 is going way too fast

    I cannot believe it is already June 1st, 2014! this year is going way too fast. The weather has been getting better and better, started biking alot, but I feel this year is melting away faster than Frosty the Snowman in a sweat shop. How's everyone's News Years resolutions going? How's everyone's jobs coming along.

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    Re: 2014 is going way too fast

    call it the RUMPULLEDSTILTSKIN effect!? too MUCH RUMP pullin goin around takes up TIME!? of course i am NOT distinguishing between pullin and KICKIN and any MIX of the SAME!? and dont forget the APPRECIATIN angle TOO!? question IS do we GO with it or FIGHT it!? i mean how many are FACING that DECISION and WAIT TIME!? would be NICE if their WERN't all them LAWS just COMPLICATIN such DECISIONS!? of course MYSELF i have to say my TAKE on the NEW yr is to SLOW down and smell the catshit!? after all it's the BEST fertilizer i ever seen!? but i ALSO hate CUTTIN grass so there ya go..............LIFE is a CONTRADICTION in the MAKING!? try NOT to Do any MAKING is all i can RECOMMEND!? unless ya GOT perMISSION of course.....which if ya ask ME is what the WHOLE argument from WHATEVER/WHENEVER started!? :errr: :freak3: :judges: :
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