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    Re: WakeUpNow blatantly misleading their numbers?

    Quote Originally Posted by willfe View Post
    Hehehe ... neither do the shills. I can be doggedly persistent once something annoys me enough, and this batch of shills has cleared that hurdle. Liars really annoy me.

    You'd think they'd learn after 10 months of badgering me to stop on YouTube they'd realize I'm not going anywhere, but they still seem to think (there and here) that shouting, name-calling and lying (with bogus or debunked evidence or research, spammy Geocities-styled sales sites and marketing drivel) will make me go away.
    Burn Lounge, what do you think then?
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    Re: WakeUpNow blatantly misleading their numbers?

    still a pyramid anyway you cut it

    different title doesn't change a person's character makeup

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