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    Auto Service Scam - Superior Autohaus (Alpharetta, GA)

    Superior Autohaus Inferior by Discriminating Infrequent / High Mileage Clients (Or Gender, Race?)

    See Superior Autohaus’ customer service for yourself!:
    (He can’t say it wasn’t him. It’s all on tape.)

    Wife's Audi A6 Check Engine Light came on. OBD Code 442. That's it. Drives great. Just needed emissions passed.

    Took car in this morning to Superior Autohaus because they installed the catalytic converter about a year ago and did engine installation 3 yrs ago. (Over $3k worth of work in 3+ yrs.)

    A fee for diagnosing check engine light expected, as well as a cost to fix. Paid before; no problem paying again.

    However, owner, Hans Krajc, refused to even see my wife and gave no valid reason. I was highly upset and drove up there myself to confirm.

    Confirmed. His reason for refusal of service?
    *1) I hadn't visited in a while [and his financial feelings must have been hurt].
    *2) Mileage was too high. [Wait, I've only driven 80K miles on the engine YOU chose and put in my car, sir!]

    *Q1: What did EITHER of these have to do with the check engine light diagnosis? Why would you reference infrequent (enough) visits and high mileage (only 80K) when wife was there for a mere check engine light diagnosis?

    *Q2: So, Superior Autohaus refuses ALL clients that don’t come back within a certain period of time? And, Superior Autohaus refuses ALL clients that have 80K miles? Nah. There has to be some other Hidden Hans Haus rules as to why—as to REALLY why. Gonna find out.

    What could've been a $300-$800 piece of business for Superior Autohaus has now turned into a responsibility to report to interested bureaus, submission to service forums, and possibly a discrimination lawsuit. Investigation ahead.


    Jippie! Käufer aufgepasst!

    Transcript of Superior Autohaus' (Hans Krajc) Experience:

    (He heard me asking harshly, "Where's Hans?" to the technicians. Waited in bathroom long time before finally having to come out.)

    Me: You turned my wife away? What happened?

    Hans: Nothing. I can't help you with your car anymore.

    Me: Why?

    Hans: I just can't help you.

    Me: You didn't LOOK at the car!

    Hans: I didn't look. I can't help you.

    Me: You did 2 major repairs on the car. $2,500 and $550. You're telling me you won't even look at the car?"

    (We're talking only check engine light, mind you!)

    Hans: No. I can't help you with the car.

    Me: Is it because she's black?

    Hans: (Smiles) Doesn't have anything to do with black, OK? Or white, OK? I just can't help you with your car anymore.

    Me: Really? Why not?

    Hans: (Ahh. Now. Truth 1:)

    "You come in here only once a year for emissions. Can't keep in touch with your car. Just can't help you with your car anymore. So..that's all, OK?"

    [He's about money. How long before last visit should have no bearing on whether or not one is a bona fide, PAYING, client.]

    Me: You sure? That's your final word on it? Hans Krajc, that's your final word?

    Me: I'm just asking you.

    Hans: I mean...I'm not sure what really you want me to...

    You scheduled appointment yesterday...you call me…

    Me: I did not. You said come by anytime.

    (I simply called to ask how long would it take to determine cause of check engine light.)

    Hans: Yes...you didn't say, "Christopher Atkins calling me!" Did you introduce yourself and say your name to me?

    (This is a business owner talking to a client.)

    Me: What difference does it make?

    Hans: Makes huge difference.

    Me: Why? What if I had?

    Hans: Well...if you told me your name, I would realize who calling me and my approach would be different.

    Me: Really? So, that's your final word? You refuse to help.

    Hans: I am refusing to work on your car. I can't help you.

    Me: You did 2 major repairs.

    Hans: I did 2 major repairs? Do you wanna tell me when did I do 2 major repairs on your car?

    Me: 2 major repairs. (SMH)

    Hans: Me?

    Me: You.

    Hans: When did I do 2 major repairs on your car?

    Me: You did a catalytic converter ($550) last year... and the you did a $2,500 installation of the engine.

    Hans: That was 3 years ago, man. What are you talking about, man?

    Me: No, no, no. I'm talking about...you've done 2 major repairs, right?

    [establishing payment history of major jobs--and, therefore, no basis to deny service...unless..discrimination of some type.]

    Hans: I did replace the engine almost 4 years ago on your car. In the meantime, you put 80K miles on that engine. So? Where did you go before?

    [Did other repairs and paid cash every time...with a smile no/hassle, despite his building arrogance. Where I took car (Audi dealership) of no relevance here.]

    Me: I just wanna make sure you're saying you refused my wife, is that right?

    Hans: I refuse you as a client. I'm not interested to see your car or work on your car again.

    And...I apologize; I can't help you and your car with that high mileage. That's it, OK?

    Me: Really? "That high mileage and that's it?" Wow!

    Hans: Yes, sir.

    Me: Really? Oookkaay!

    Hans Krajc, Superior Autohaus, right?

    Hans: Yes! Hans, Krajc, Superior Autohaus can't help you with your car, OK?, because of high mileage and conditions of the car and that's all. You are not my regular client, so, that's all, sir!

    Me: Thank you! That's what I needed to know. Thank you, Hans. 'Preciate it!

    Me (signing off): Hans Krajc, Superior Autohaus (Alpharetta, GA)

    Clients BEWARE.

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    Response: Auto Service Scam - Superior Autohaus (Alpharetta, GA)

    Mr. Atkins,

    We apologize for the inconvenience; however you are not a regular client of ours. You were sent from Jim Ellis Audi approximately 4 years ago for a used engine replacement when your Audi that had 120k miles on it. During the engine repair we allowed you to space payments over time to assist you with your financial situation which is against our usual policy of a single payment.

    Since then, your A6 has accumulated 120k miles now totaling to approximately 240k miles and you have not taken your A6 to our shop for oil changes, regular scheduled and preventative maintenance.

    During this time though, we have assisted you with two issues with your car:

    The first being an engine misfire approximately 60k after the engine swap
    The second being the catalytic converter needing replacement for emissions a year ago

    With these repairs, we had made the minimal the repairs necessary so that you would not have to pay outside of your budget.

    On your last visit for the catalytic converter it was noted that your A6 was poorly maintained and had safety issues such as broken suspension. We advised you that we would not be able to continue servicing your car unless all proper maintenance was performed and all safety issues with your vehicle were addressed, which you denied all repairs for.

    We pride ourselves in meticulously maintaining Audis and Porsches to factory specifications to ensure these vehicles have a long life cycle. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we have the right to deny service to poorly maintained high mileage vehicles.

    Thank you for your understanding and we wish you the best of luck with your Audi.

    Superior Autohaus LLC

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