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    Infinity 2 Global. Just wanted to see what other people thought about this program

    I have been approached on this numerous times, but I personally think it will get shut down here in the USA. Your thoughts?
    Those who would like to know what I do full time, email me direct for a link> scubapro48@gmail.com I am not here to advertise my business. Tom

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    Re: Infinity 2 Global. Just wanted to see what other people thought about this program

    Here's what I see about Infinity 2 Global. They focus on promoting the amount of money someone can earn, if they join the program. They don't put any attention on the products.

    The other thing I've noticed is no one is sharing an affiliate link to their online casino. This to me is disturbing, considering that the casino is suppose to be the primary profit center. So you have to ask, if no one is promoting the casino, how in the world will this company reach the $50 Billion Dollar sales mark as described in their video?

    From what a couple high positioned members have told me, the Emperor positions have only been earning $19 per month from the profit sharing pool.

    Another thing I find very strange about this company is, the company doesn't put out any marketing material. Even their compensation program doesn't contain the company's name on it. It's as if they are preplanning for a lawsuit and plan to deny they were involved. When I reviewed the Infinity 2 Global compensation program I found to be extremely top heavy.

    This is why only a small group of original Emperors are making obscene amounts of money, while the rest are making little to no money. The rest of the company profits are sitting in the i2g coffers because the comp plan is designed to not pay most people.

    Most members, which are represented by the lower $100 level Novice positions and the $400 Players and $600 High Rollers are pumping in 100% of the monthly membership dues, which is being funneled back up to the top Emperors and are the only one's earning bonuses.

    Is it a scam? It certainly is deceiving. Rich Maike and Doyce Barnes do a great job of avoiding being in the public eye and are never in front of the camera discussing the compensation plan or the casino. While it's the non-official compensation plan video and the nightly opportunity presentations done by others, that are making all the claims of i2g products being high tech multimillion dollar investments, when in truth, each of their supposed products is a third party service provider. In other words, the products are white labeled cheap software programs.

    Infinity 2 Global does not promote products, they promote making money by recruiting. Since no one in i2g sells a product directly with an affiliate link, they are strictly making money from business opportunity investment sales.

    New money is needed to pay for the members at the top, since no products are being sold to the public. I'm no attorney but it looks like a huge ponzi scheme.

    My advice would be, stay away from Infinity 2 Global. This is another Zeek Rewards waiting to blow up.

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