Guessing lead story on Murdoch's Pravda Operation:

Source: Reuters


(Reuters) - The self-declared Libyan National Army told civilians on Saturday to leave parts of Benghazi before it launched a fresh attack on Islamist militants, a day after at least 43 were killed in the worst clashes in the Libyan city for months.

Dozens of families could be seen packing up and driving away from western districts of the port city where Islamist militants and LNA forces led by renegade retired General Khalifa Haftar, had fought for hours on Friday.

"We urge citizens in Benghazi's districts Quarsha, Al-Hawari and Sidi Faraj to evacuate their homes from today," Haftar's spokesman Mohamed al-Hejazi said.

Friday's violence prompted the Libyan army to declared a no-fly zone after Haftar's forces used at least one helicopter during the fighting, according to a statement on the chief of staff's website.

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