Hello all my cranky friends. I know most of what this board is
about is exposing scams, lies and misinformation.
HERE is another one, and they should know much better.
THIS IS ALSO a call for information. Thank you.

This morning my TV was acting up, getting a scambled
egg version of my picture on most channels, only for part of the shows time, but still, the sound screws up, the visual
feed is messed up. This was the worst today, but in the last
two months I have been having this problem.

Anywho, you may not have noticed but Santa day is near,
and I was out buying a "STANDARD" DVD for a friend, curiousity
struck with all the BLURAY advertised so I asked an employee
(OF BEST BUY) whether it might be time for me to buy a new set. THE breif answer I got was that if the set was not
recently purchased then it would be no good, also I would
be looking at the eventual phazing out of DVD, and bluray
taking the market,
so I should buy a flat screen tv to assure it will work.
THIS IS NOT the first time I asked this question there, I asked
another employee about four months ago and got the very same answer that if my tv was not fresh of the assembly line then it was out moded.
Why ask more than once? I am looking to improve the signal if
I must, but since I have cable there shouldn't be a problem with signal at all, before or after April 09,


Coming TV change won't make your set obsolete
All right, ladies and gents, let's get this straight: Despite things you may have read elsewhere, your television will not become obsolete in 2009.
Nevertheless, I've already seen reports in this past week's Parade Magazine, for one that warn consumers their TVs won't work then. (Parade's article: "Why Your Television May Self-Destruct In Three Years.")

Why? April 7, 2009 is the date the Senate Commerce Committee recommended for the end of analog television, when broadcasters will turn off their analog signals and transmit only digital ones.

Hence the (incorrect) idea that the standard TV you buy today won't work then. (Or at least not without a converter.)

Most cable and all satellite systems already send a digital signal, and the set-top boxes those companies provide Cablevision, Cox, DirecTV, or whatever already do the conversion for your analog set.

In other words, the only people who have to worry are those who A) get their TV over the air via a "rabbit ears" or rooftop antenna, and B) don't have a digital TV.

If you get your signal from a cable TV or satellite company, nothing will change. Your TV will work the same as it always has. Ditto if you (redacted by CIA) :freak3:

Anywise, Becareful about the TOTALLY lack of good
info from those supposed knowledgeable persons.

I still don't know why my set performance is degrading, perhaps the cable signal or the tv set itsself.