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    Mail order merchandise not ordered

    My 89 year old Mother ecoeved this today in the mail. Iy's CCD PO Box 413019 Naples Fl. Says its for 50.00 dollars worth of jewerly and request 6.95 storage release payable only by Visa or Mastercard. The entire card is printed on green sturdy paper just like the Post Office wouls use on a certified letter. It's been made to appear someone wrote the dollar and parcel numbers but is clearly a mass produced item if you look close. FYI

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    Re: Mail order merchandise not ordered

    I used to get these in the mail all the time its junk mail she isn't liable for anything basically how this works is you send your 6.95 in plus shipping and you get something like a chance at a top tier prize like a plasma tv and they list 50 others on there like washer dryer etc and the bottom tier is some cheap jewelery or something else that you probaly dont want. Not a scam paid it once to see if Id get something cool I got 12 pot holders in a really ugly green color sent them to goodwill lol but she doesn't owe anything just toss it inless she wants to play it for a chance at a big prize which she probaly wont get.

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