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That big ball of light that comes up every morning. I wonder what it is. I have no idea. It must be God.

The mountain is spewing smoke and fire. It must be an angry god.

The sky is full of light, noise and wind. God must be angry.

The sea is rough. God must be angry. What else could it be?

Sound familiar?
WOW.... i think you FINALLY get IT!? COSMIC VIBRATIONS rule the UNIVERSE!? or is it COSTCO!? sometimes i get CONFUSED and go SHOPPING!? those were the GOOD ol days, i never resisted my ways, the cat and dog said EYEFULLY, you da BOSS!? but of COURSE since i AINT built like HOSS my urainum has become DEPLETED!? wall street PLOWED me UNDER!? :1crysad: :judges: :freak3: :