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    Teams have to lose to the Clippers

    Yes to be racially sensitive because "black people" is now a bad thing to say even though MATHMATICAL statistics prove what NBA owner Sterling said to be true, teams are now forced to lose to the Los Angeles Clippers or they will be deemed racist. The other teams need to be 'sensitive' to their fight.

    Because 250lb 6 foot 6 inch black men professionally strong athletes need to be afraid of words.:judges: Mic the floor and hear what THEY say. Sterling would be a saint.

    This is what the world is coming to. Although I am being sarcastic, it is true.

    You could say ANY WORDS to me and I would laugh in your face, touch me that is a different darker scenario. These bastards are playing the world like a harp. So wrong.

    How much money has this owner paid these players? How many families has he fed?
    Maybe........, just maybe, these bitter, ungrateful, overpayed pricks made Mr Sterling jaded the man he is today. And maybe his SugarMomma whore cheated on her man and his own players violated Sterlings trust.

    Is this asshole a saint? No, but come on. I hope he staged this whole thing and rips off Oprah for double the money 1.2 billion.

    Fuck EVERYONE on this. Lebron, Shaq, Magic,, Kareem......you are retarded puppets and sheep and too dumb to even know what that means.
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