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    I love listening to music when I move

    Music has mostly been a car thing for me, but nothing gets me going in positive groove when I have to move and listening to old music cds. Especially old ones that 5 to 20 years have passed. Singing out loud badly, kinda remembering the words. Sweating to my oldies.

    Here was my playlist today: (and these were loose scratched cds in random boxes, and I doubt if I heard any of these songs in 5+ years). I feel alive and optimistic today thanks to these bros and my love Alanis.

    Bon Jovi - Crush
    Marylin Manson
    Alanis Morisette
    Billy Talent
    Beastie Boys

    Let's put it this way, my neighbors never heard this side of me through the walls.
    Felt good. Music is a religion to me and has helped me through some shitty speed bumps in life.
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