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    Real Putin vs current Impostor - Photos from Videos

    Real Putin vs current Impostor - Photos from Videos
    Real Putin
    June 5, 2003


    10 years later
    - Forehead; wrinkles: different and less lines of wrinkles
    - cephalic index increased.
    - eyes and eyebrows changed.
    - different voice and pace (listen to both videos simultaneously).

    Fake Putin
    15 April 2013 Direct Line with "Vladimir Putin" HQ

    4 hours 47 minutes

    Russia media, totally controlled by neo-NATziO, mocks human cattle not able to see the imposter impersonating Putin
    Russia media shows the REAL Putin in a 2007 photo with UN secretary general Ban Ki Moon.
    - suggest that this is the current Putin;
    - mock the audience, alias human cattle, not able to see that the page displays both the REAL and the FAKE (in a photo on the upper right, with Merkel), by showing both times their profile.
    Same type of mockery as the title:
    Putin: Russia expects UN to denounce Kiev authorities’ anti-constitutional actions

    The Neo-Nazi terror
    April 15 - Latest nazi law issued by the same Kiev regime that started by banning russian language, the native language of the large majority of eastern ukrainians: adult russian males are forbidden to enter the Ukraine.
    Massive military deployment of the "ukrainian army", alias mercenaries and neo-nazi militias, to the southeast, with orders to shoot protesters.
    Air force pilots keep circling above or flying as low over as it gets.
    The message: surrender or you'll get the same treatment that syrians are getting for the past three years.

    Fake Putin's double talk
    17 April, Mariopol - disarmed protesters start being murdered.
    "Putin"'s reaction is a call for "illegal groups" to disarm.
    "Putin" doesn't mean the puppet regime installed by NATO in Kiev, which he regularly calls "illegal", while his acts range:
    - from delivering to Kiev the "Ukrainian army"'s weapons that remained in Crimea.
    - to having them as "partners" as background to the perpetual "Kerry and Lavrov shaking hands at "negotiations".

    The "illegal groups" that the impostor means are the eastern ukrainians, armed mostly only with hunting rifles, resisting the nazi regime.

    15 April 2014 "news": 2007 photo of real Putin used:
    page archived, in case itar-tass changes the photo: http://archive.today/AcVVC

    Terrorizing the population: air force pilots circling above and flying over as low as it gets.

    April 17, 2014 - Russia Endorses Call For Protesters To Disarm

    VLADIMIR PUTIN, wife, daughters killed 2010 and replaced with doubles: Illuminati greatest coup in Armageddon
    Coup executed by illuminati agents, lead by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

    One year after it was exposed worldwide first by Last Prophet Matt, NOBODY echoed the TRUTH.
    No wonder, it's the same Human cattle that refuses to admit that Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse and one of the two Peaches Geldof are all the same actress.

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