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    The Russians are going to colonize the moon

    Yes you heard it here first. Sources have confirmed that Russia is taking steps to colonize the moon. They are going to create a colony there and control the closest place to Earth. While The US is focusing on Mars, the Russians are getting land hungry and plan on taking over the whole moon. There is an existing space station which has mostly Russians working on it so the Moon is the next step.

    Putin's deputy premier sets out plans to colonise space and declares 'We are coming to the Moon FOREVER'
    • Kremlin announced the 26-year plan in state-run newspaper this morning
    • Deputy PM says moon is only realistic source of minerals and resources
    • First mission to launch in 2016 and 'base will be up and running by 2040'

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    Re: The Russians are going to colonize the moon

    Vice-president of the Russian government listed strategic objectives of Russia in space. They are:
    - Expansion of Russian presence in the low-orbit space.
    - Exploration and subsequent colonization of the Moon and near-Moon space.
    - Preparation for colonization of Mars and other objects of the Solar System, using Moon as the starting pad.


    Last year, China announced that it plans to established a manned colony on the Moon as well. I wonder if the two nations would collaborate in this endeavor.

    There was a Soviet Moon base/landing program. Thus the Moon rovers that the Soviet Union sent over there.

    Then Americans announced their Moon program, and Soviet had to trump it, so more resources were diverted to the Mars program. Add to that mix internal political rope tugging between the constructor bureau and the government and then end result was neither Moon nor Mars.

    This is what the Moon will look like soon, click to enlarge:

    Russia Colonizes the Moon Full Size
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    Re: The Russians are going to colonize the moon

    Well... I hope Russia has the funding to support such an endeavor. The minerals and resources on the Moon had better be well worth the expense of setting up a base... supplying it on a regular basis, mining operations and ore processing and transport. To make it all worthwhile the operation would have to be able to turn a profit.

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