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    Journey to the centre of the earth

    I actually hate this movie with a passion. Me and my daughter went to see it at the cinema and what a waste of time that was even she as easy to please as she usually is didn't like it. I am not even going to give it credit is doesn't deserve by going into what its all about if you are curious google it or if you have time to waste watch it.

    I just thought I would put it in this category where it definitely belongs so if you haven't seen it and come across it you can avoid, avoid avoid.

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    Re: Journey to the centre of the earth

    I have seen this movie. While I really respect your opinion I thought the movie was not too bad. I would watch it again.

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    Re: Journey to the centre of the earth

    I too did not think that the movie was that bad. I liked it, as I think that Brendan did a great job. The movie was made for him.

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