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    If You're Selling Rare or Old Coins...

    visit the U.S. Mint website first. They have a page that gives unbiased information about coins at no charge.
    If a person has precious metal to sell, the American Numismatic Association can give listings of buyers that operate on the up and up.
    Selling gold or coins to check cashing places, pawn shops and other places is not recommended as few know how to properly grade or refuse to pay even 75% of market rates.

    Get informed before giving up the goods. Selling valuable items for less than its worth only costs more in the end!

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    Re: If You're Selling Rare or Old Coins...

    Are the company’s policies and procedures regarding cross-recruitment overreaching and extreme or are they fair and drafted to allow for the least amount of interference required to protect the businesses of the company’s distributors?

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    Re: If You're Selling Rare or Old Coins...

    Alice I need to dissect your post to try and figure it out

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