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    Expiration dates on medicines, for real?

    Some medicines have relatively short expiration dates and I always wonder if those dates are reliable or if that is just a way they have to make us buy new medicines. Any inside intel on this?

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    Re: Expiration dates on medicines, for real?

    Hi Peninha :)

    I've also wondered about this a long time ago and according to my friend, who's a medical representative, medicines are still okay and effective to use even if it already expired 6 months ago. So the expiration date is more like a "best before" date that you see on food packages.

    However, depending on the type of medicine (tablet, syrup, caplet, etc.), some can still be taken even after a couple of years BUT there are some that you just have to throw away.

    But to ensure one's safety - just follow what the doctor says and never take expired medicines. Better safe than sorry. :)

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