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    Retail scams - returning goods

    This is normally directed at owners of retail stores. Someone will buy something without the intention of keeping it. S/he will pay for it 'test' for a week or so and return it claiming that it had some defects. With the money back in his pocket, he goes off to the next store and does the same thing. At the end of the year s/he'll have used new appliances without paying a dime for them. So if you are a store owner, look out for such bastards!

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    Re: Retail scams - returning goods

    Ugh, these types of incidents make me sick. I used to work at a clothing store that had a generous return policy. Women would come in with shoes from the past season that had been worn till there was nothing left (just to add these shoes weren't cheap, a minimum of $150/pair) and demand we take them back because of the poor quality. We would have to take the shoes back, the customer would get a new pair of shoes for the current season, and then come back and the whole charade would happen all over again. I appreciate a nice return policy, but scammers are ruining it for honest customers.

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