Lately I've been questioning as to whether or not a society that full embraced unrelenting liberal change is one that I would live in. It's the whole Paradox of Progress, as we move 'forward', we find ourselves again behind in an increasingly complex world. Is it possible to find comfort amidst instability? Or is it natural for us to crave something constant, other than change?

I'd just like to point out that people have been at odds about whether or not our existence is static or in constant-flux for millenia. Just look at a comparison between Ovid's Metamorphoses and Virgil's Aeneid . Both classics tell the origin stories of Rome, but whereas the Aeneid takes an authoritative, linear approach understanding; while Ovid seems to make light of the whole of existence as being in a state of constant chaos. (I'm simplifying things big-time, but I'd highly recommend reading the two if you haven't.)

Is it possible for us to come to peace with both?