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    The Mutual-Exclusivity of Science and God

    Since the dawn of the so-called "Enlightenment," man has started turning his back on God. We've substituted Faith in God for Faith in Science, and in doing so, we've become too blind to see the hubris of our action. Atheists love to quote Nietzsche as saying that "God is dead," but forget to mention that Nietzsche was questioning whether or not man's affront to God was a good thing. Furthermore, Atheists love to question believer's faith in God, yet conveniently ignore that they too have put what amounts to misplaced 'faith' in another master-- that of science and reason.

    Something about the confidence of those who place unyielding faith in science does not sit well with me. How are the extreme supporters of science any different than the extreme believers of God? The logic that the staunch supporters of Reason use to declare science as the key to all things, is the same logic that the staunch supporters of Religion use to declare God as the key to all things.

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    Re: The Mutual-Exclusivity of Science and God

    Furthermore, Atheists love to question believer's faith in God, yet conveniently ignore that they too have put what amounts to misplaced 'faith' in another master-- that of science and reason.
    Merriam-Webster's definitions of faith:

    strong belief or trust in someone or something: belief in the existence of God : strong religious feelings or beliefs
    : a system of religious beliefs

    And the main difference between the two masters, science and religion, is that science constantly tests, and re-tests all of it's beliefs, replacing any that fail with a better theory.

    I wouldn't call faith in science's structures "misplaced" as much as a faith in the dogmatic system of religion would be misplaced.

    The word "science" really means a system of knowledge. It is based not very much on emotions, but primarily on a rigid structure of tests, re-tests, observations, and peer-review.

    Religion is an emotionally-charged structure of dogma. It thrives, holding onto people using the feelings of fear and guilt in this world, promising ecstasy in a life to come. Feelings not based on rigid experimentation and reason, but strictly on dogma.

    Would you and the next smartest person you know trust only your emotions to manage your finances, or would you abdicate them to reason, and common sense?

    Religion tests nothing. Religion changes nothing. It only provides a lifetime supply of dogma "rescuing" folks who don't know any better.

    I submit to you that a faith in a God is primarily based in a lack of faith in one's own self.....one's own abilities to overcome and to heal. It is a cultivated resistance to grow inside, which primarily prevents the person from performing their own inner work. It is a "detour" from the most important work of a human life.....forming a self-reliant existence.

    Since everything we go through is really a personal training, I believe that it is one's duty to train oneself, with no one else being responsible for training me. My payoff for performing my own transformation is my life......uncluttered by the resistances of falsehoods and false doctrines, ran by my own properly trained inner state of being.

    There are only choices in life. These are meant to command events on the outside. These choices are a result of my inner states of being.

    A belief and a dependence in something that has no correspondence to reality is a provocation to stagnation, which leads directly to disintegration in the long run. And there is enough disintegration among the humans on the planet already.

    If I was not yet in control of my mind's Gatekeeper, and watched folks who seemed in the know put all of their faith into a "Gourd" because others both before and after I came stated that my total belief in this Gourd would "save me," I too would probably do as they suggested I do.

    However, if I worked hard and learned to cultivate an open mind, I would exercise it every day by testing this "dogmatic system" against hard fact, reason, and common sense, before I left my senses permanently for the "promised land."
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    Most people can't think, most of the remainder won't think, the small fraction who do think mostly can't do it very well. The extremely tiny fraction who think regularly, accurately, creatively, and without self-delusion- in the long run these are the only people who count... Robert Heinlein

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    Re: The Mutual-Exclusivity of Science and God

    so we could SPECULATE in the way of such COnsiderations that it's the FEEL LAND of touch VS the feel LAND of MIND!? or is SOME reconciliation appropriative!? :judges::chicken::crazy1::smurf:
    i do not endorse/recommend any advertising on scam.com associated with my name /posts or otherwise. thank you

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    Re: The Mutual-Exclusivity of Science and God

    I've never found disagreement between Science and God/dess/It. In fact, Quantum Physics seems to be proving many beliefs that my path has held for years and even centuries.

    Of course then again, I'm a pagan, so our mileage tends to vary.

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    Re: The Mutual-Exclusivity of Science and God

    This is an chicken-egg situation, no one has the answers.

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    Re: The Mutual-Exclusivity of Science and God

    Tompindar read somewhere the the word "god" is beleived to derive from a Germanic word for "goat", based on primitive beliefs that horns on an animal evidence divine power.

    Tompindar thinks if God-believers want to legitimize their view in the modern world, they need present the point scientifically.

    Crtisizms of religion that cite feelings and emotions as a negative don't give feelings and emotions their due weight.

    What are feelings and emotions? Science may say they are chemical brain reactions, but they are also part of a phenomenon called "thought".

    The scientist uses thought as a tool of his work, yet disqualifies feelings, emotions, insight, inspiration, and ideas as legitimate sources of data.

    What is "thought"? Where does it come from? Science may say it is the result of the complex human brain's evolution resulting from the selective adaptation for survival.

    But what then of art, music, fun, humor, joy . . . they are not necessary for physical survival.

    What is Life? Where does it come from? Science hasn't found out. Science will never find out until in stops selectively disregarding pieces of the study subject that it close-mindedly disapproves of--thought: feelings, emotions, inspiration . . . ideas that are totally fresh and new that come from somewhere or something that science chooses not to look at.

    Where do you come from, Mr./Ms. scientist?

    If you are simply an accidental result of Darwinian evolution, then you have no purpose other than as a cog in the co-reliant web of nature, so, why study anything at all? Your knowledge doesnt contribute anything to the planet's evolutionary ballance, in fact your thoughts can be said to have disrupted nature's ballance. Shouldn't you just eat and poop in harmony with the rest of the plant and animal kingdoms?

    How are you going to deal with the inconvenient truth of "Thought"?

    Tompindar has discovered that Thought was before the Existence of Things. And if Thought was, then Mind was.

    If one considers what religion calls "God" to be what Tompindar calls "Mind", then Tompidar can prove the existence of "God" with four simple words.

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