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    Does retail activism work ?

    How much do you think consumer retail activism actually works? By consumer retail activism, I mean making personal purchasing decisions based on their ethical or political beliefs. For example, not buying products from companies whose labour practices you dislike, choosing products based on their environmental impact, or avoiding products because you disagree with the company's political leanings. Buying organic, or local, or patronizing small businesses to support them, or seeking out companies whose business practices you approve of.

    There's something about it that rubs me the wrong way, like it too easily becomes a way for people to show off their sophistication in order to acquire a badge of status. I'm also not convinced of how much personal purchasing decisions really matter. I feel like it allows people to reduce huge and complicated economic, social and political problems down to a question of what brand of coffee they buy. Am I wrong?
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    Re: Does retail activism work ?

    I personally don't really care about a company's ethics in that way. I just buy whatever brand I like or know works or has the highest quality. Yeah, it's nice that companies can choose to act ethically like that, but that sometimes sets a red flag off in my mind that they might be raising prices to "be more responsible".

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