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    David Letterman is retiring next year

    Waaaaaaaaa! I can't believe that the winner of 72 Emmys is retiring next year in 2015. David Letterman has entertained us for decades and he announced his retirement this morning. Jimmy Kimmel said , "David Letterman was the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be".

    I wonder if it's because Jimmy Fallon is just SOOOOOO good, David doesn't have any fight left in him. Dave is worth over $400 million so I guess, why not retire? He sees Jimmy Fallon acting like a trained monkey, singing, dancing, skits, Mr. Letterman can't compete with that energy nor would he want to. It is a young man's game now, sadly.

    I love Dave and wish him the very best. I hope he'll do a yearly special around Christmas or something like that, just so he doesn't rot at home in his lazy-boy chair.

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    Re: David Letterman is retiring next year

    It totally has to do with Jimmy Fallon. He's threatened by his youth and energy and ratings. The writing was on the wall. Let him retire with dignity instead of having his legacy tarnished by getting fired. He'll be fine, it was a smart move if you ask me :smilie_newbie:

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    Re: David Letterman is retiring next year

    I can't stand either of them. I will hate NBC for as long as they got rid of Jay Leno. He was the only late night comic worth watching. Keyword was now that some stupid NBC Exec decided to fire him. What were they thinking! Typical major American company: out of touch with what their customers want.

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