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    American Honor - John Ottman - Jack Ottman - Ottman Services

    This was emailed to me. Contact the SGT at the link below or post here.

    Our organisation would like to find and speak to people who have had dealings with the following "charity" organisation and individuals.
    1. Americanhonor.org
    2. John Ottman
    3. Jack Ottman
    4. Ottman Services - Maintenance Services and Maintenance Company

    We understand the said organisation is registered in Providence, Rhode Island and performs various services as a charity in the maintenance industry. Furthermore, we are aware this company has an operation in the Philippines.

    If you have had any dealings with the above organisation and/or individual our team would like to talk to you.

    Sgt. Peter Frazer Rtd.

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    Re: American Honor - John Ottman - Jack Ottman - Ottman Services

    What are these charities suppose to be collecting for?

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