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    An Australian Scam

    A NEW study shows Australians borrow more than 1.6 billion dollars from friends, family and colleagues every month.

    The Commonwealth Bank survey says the average Aussie borrows about 200 dollars per month in this way, mainly for unforseen or emergency situations.

    But around a quarter of the nearly two thousand people surveyed said they also asked someone close to them to help out financially when they ran out of money before payday, or were down on cash in general.

    Those living in capital cities were more than three times as likely to borrow from mates and family than those in the country, while 18-24 year olds scammed 240 million dollars more than 30-39 year olds.

    Women borrowed almost twice as much as men, but most people turned to their mum as the first port of call.

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    Re: An Australian Scam

    So I can't really get what's the point here admin, where is the scam? Basically you are borrowing money from friends and relatives and you're not paying them back? If this is the case, very careful to who you lend money to. It's very rare for me to do it!!

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