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    Rudozem Street Dog Rescue Bulgaria

    If you have considered donating to the Rudozem Street Dog Rescue in Bulgaria, I would like you to consider donating elsewhere and be certain your money is going to actually help animals.

    There is something particularly strange about this charity.

    A friend residing in Bulgaria has contacted them and wanted to donate some items. They do not list their address or phone number anywhere. He requested their phone number to which they replied that there is electricity cuts in the town of Rudozem. A couple weeks later he requested the phone number again, they once more cirumvented giving the phone number by saying they will have to get permission to give it out. In the meanwhile he spoke to someone from a villiage nearby Rudozem who told him there was never any electricity cuts in Rudozem, so they lied about it. Even if there was electricity cuts, everyone in Bulgaria has mobile phone numbers used for any business or charity.
    He became suspicious and then asked if it is possible to visit their shelter, to which they did not reply. He thought perhaps they did not receive the message and sent another one, which more than a year later, they still have not replied to and he never received and address or phone number from them.

    If you have a good heart and you want to help animals, please do thorough research before donating. There are a lot of people who use the cloak of being a charity as a ticket to becoming wealthy. Buildings and other equiptment purchased with money donated to the charity belongs to the owner of the charity and ultimately enriches them.
    You can not trust a website with photographs, that can easily be staged.

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    Re: Rudozem Street Dog Rescue Bulgaria

    Thanks for the heads up. I like to donate to those helping animals but will direct my attention elsewhere.

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