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    Hug The Ones You Love

    So simple, so pure, so effective. Next time you see someone you love, hug them, and hold onto them a few EXTRA seconds. Tell them you love them. As kids we hugged everyone, as adults we pull away from it. Hug your friend instead of that cold 'pound it out'. Humans need contact and nothing beats a good hug. Do a nice whisper too like , "I love ya", or "I missed you", or a "MMMMM" then finish it with a "thanks I needed that". Make it like they are doing YOU the favor and they will be the one that's touched.

    This will brighten both your days and it starts off the conversation with a simple, but powerful pleasantry. With all this stupid texting and people zoned out of relationships, hugs can change the world! Hope this free advice helps, good luck (I'm hugging you now:)

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    Re: Hug The Ones You Love

    I love this idea! The truth is we have no idea how much longer we (or anyone else) have left on this earth. For all we know tonight might be our last night and you never know when you will be able to give the people you love a hug again, so you might as well hug them every chance you get!

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