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    What do you really know about Habitat for Humanity ?

    Does anyone truly understand how Habitat for Humanity works? Would you like to know from someone first hand?

    But let me know if I should just shut my mouth. I am not here to throw mud but to find out my rights and to see what recourse I may have.

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    Re: What do you really know about Habitat for Humanity ?

    They don't make you pay only for what they pay for. The family pays an inflated retail cost on even donated materials. Any gov. refunds for solar incentives that are supposed to go directly to help the buyer lower the cost of such an investment are quicly snatched up and never applied to the homeowner.

    It's my feeling that a family desperate for a safe home quickly learns that no matter the workmanship or the quailty of material, no matter if they've put in 1500 hours more than expected to do so, no matter how many promises are empty if they want their home in the end they have to suck it up and pay what ever they feel like asking you for.

    You know those Whirlpool appliances, ya, they are free to Habitat but not to the homeowner, they pay retail price to HFH for them.

    I've been busy following up on my house to find that when we were told that we would only pay 1/3 the price of the tools needed for our home and the other 2/3's would be divided between the next two homes built with them. We in fact have paid full price for them and we don't even get to own them.We even had one habitat volunteer buy double his lunch on our dollar so he could have dinner that night, ever time he came. He bought a mini fridge on our dollar, that he has. He used to even bring his trash to our home when it was a work site and we were responsible for getting rid of it. We got contacted by a local hardware store that he even bought a window for his house on the account.

    We paid 30k for a guinea pig solar system that we were told over and over that if it fails to perform they would revisit the loan. We weren't dumb there was no way we'd agree if there wasn't some promise of recourse. but we were dumb enough no put our faith in a man who led us down a road of empty promises. Now we have a very expensive system to pay full price on even though half was donated and they recieved a 13k incentive that was supposed to go back to us....Where is it? we'd like to know.

    We have figued that they have, on our house, made a profit of about 60-90k in the end. I'd rather pay a conventional mortgage rate on the actual cost for 30 years.

    It makes us sick to know we've been manipulated in this way....in the end we signed the papers so that the house we worked so long for wouldm'd slip through our fingers. We'll try to rectify the issues with them now. We'll see how quickly they try to hush us up or shut us down..

    Yeah, I know you hear a lot of anger, we do feel entitled to it but we do recognize the sacrifices of all those dedicated volunteers who worked so closely beside us. Some we formed true relationships with that we hope to have for a lifetime. We are very grateful for the opportunity that we were given. They did not have to choose us, it could have been anyone else, there were probably some more deserving. We love our home, we will live our lives, raise our family and love every day here. We built it with our bare hands and our blood, sweat and tears are here. Those are things we can bever forget.

    There is a time though when you have to be held responsible for taken advantage of the if you will "disadvantaged". They manipulated us, they knew the position we were in, we at that point, would never ruffle the feathers of the ones who held the cards for fear all that we had done would just slip through our fingers.
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    Re: What do you really know about Habitat for Humanity ?

    We are in ireland and have been treated disgacefully and dishonestly by our affiliate.they are a gang of crooks dressed up as a charity. we should have known when a few months into the project we were told it was no longer an interest free loan.after that it just got worse and worse.all of the original staff members left, but we unfortunatley are in legally binding contracts,although i have not signed for my loan cheque yet, i am tied to the agreement.(I am living here 2yrs 4 mths on a caretaker agreement) Some of us are in a worse position than when we signed up to this. Our houses are so overvalued we could never afford to buy them out and be rid of them.And as for the clawback %, dont even start me on that one. We were led up the garden path with inspiring stories and false misleading promises.We've had nothing but lies and the original agreement is nothing to the one we now sign into. I thought Habitat were the answer to my prayers when i was selected but it has been nothing short of a nightmare.The only worthwhile part of this nightmare was the meeting and working with volunteers whilst building.That part of their word they kept. wow.We are supposed to just shut up and be grateful for what we have even though we worked ALL and MORE than our hours and carries out all obligations. I WISH ID NEVER HEARD OF HABITAT FOR HUMANITY

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    Re: What do you really know about Habitat for Humanity ?

    I'm am sorry.

    I do know that there are great people involved and there are organizations of HFH that are doing the right thing but unfortuneatly there are a few bad apples that are going to disgrace their good name.

    I wish I could trust the HFH international or the headquarters to take my info and not just try to cover it up. Frankly I don't know who I can trust.

    My house was built well, that I know because my husband and I built it with our own two hands over countless hours and years.

    My only grievance is that we ever agreed to be anyones guinea pig without a paper trail of agreements and recourse. Trust is what got us in our pickle. I will never be trusting again. I will always be thinking about covering my ass with, "put it in writing".

    You need a great litigator, an attorney who knows his stuff and would be willing to fight for you.

    My advice is sign what you need to sign to own your house and worry about the problems later. At least then no one can take away what you worked so hard for.

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    Re: What do you really know about Habitat for Humanity ?

    i have 2 sign whether i like it or not cos theyve backed us into a corner,as usual they covered their own asses.we have proof in the literature we got from them of all the things we were promised such as interest free and there being no clawback,but we were more or less told 'tough s**t,what you gonna do about it'.it means i will be trapped here because i could never afford to buy them out and move.as im only in a 2 bedroom apt with my 13 yr son,i cant even have another child as i was planning,in case its a girl.where would i put her?im only 31 and i cant plan anymore children unless by some miracle i come into money and can buy myself out of this nightmare.and this is from an org thats supposed to help and care about families.i cant understand why no one iv contacted @ hab.int care about us,we bought into a fantasy sold under the habitat name.i was assured it was NOT 2 good to be true, as i wondered at the time.like i said before I WISH ID NEVER HEARD OF HABITAT IRELAND.

    went to another solicitor who said there is a conflict of interest because our solicitor (that habitat chose 4 us) has already been paid by us, through habitat.
    that solicitors dont take each other on like that ???
    our own solicitor (that habitat chose was the fourth company to take over ) was at first furious with habitat when we told her our grievences and agreed that we were right and were treated disgracefully.she returned from a meeting with their side and told us habitat said no to everything and threatned to evict us if we kicked up a fuss.this was of course later denied habitat.which didnt surprise us,wed heard enough lies out of them by that stage.but she was strangly silent on our problems after meeting them and done no more about them.so here we are, no help from no one and no one in habitat caring about our dire situation thats a million miles away from what we singed up for. lesson .... if something seems too good to be true,it usually is.no matter if it come from a christian organisation that claims to have your family's best interest at heart........

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