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    Will this snow ever stop ?

    2 feet of snow in Upstate NY last night. 4 foot drifts. Crazy. Will this snow ever stop? Did anyone else across the country get his with some snow yesterday? Last week it was like 55degrees and the past couple days it has been insane:::

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    Re: Will this snow ever stop ?

    yah i'm LEARY we in the UPPERmidUSzone will get hit with 1 or 2 more BLIZZARDS before spring has sprung completely!? :errr:ing1::chicken::
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    Re: Will this snow ever stop ?

    Move down South Yankee!

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    Re: Will this snow ever stop ?

    I hope so. It is STILL snowing where I live and it's approaching summer fast. So annoying and a bitch to drive in.
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