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    Michelle Khang Wrongly Accused Of Scam

    Ref. the post of 13.7.2008.

    During the many months that I had dealings with Michelle I found her to be a person of the highest integrity who would not be stupid enough to jeapardise the hard work put into her site for the sake of making a fast buck. Scam merchants fly by night. Michelle is in it for the long haul.
    She didn't promise to make anyone a millionaire but offers methods which have been well tested and profitable. I have no vested interest in defending her as I use my own very successful methods but suggest getting to know the person before making ill informed comments.

    Malcolm Green.
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    Re: Michelle Khang Wrongly Accused Of Scam

    From her website 5.systemsthatprofit.com

    What I am offering you today my friends, is the opportunity to profit immediately from not 1 but 5 Super Profit Systems. You can decide to use all 5 or just 1. Either way, you'll be profiting from day 1.

    You can use the same Super Profit Systems that I use to generate 5% Return On Investment a day with as little as a $50 betting bank.

    "System" that highlights benfits, but avoids mentioning any risks always stinks the high heaven. And this one stinks more than your average scheme.

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