A friend of mine is looking for work as a general transcriptionist and would like to have some training in it before applying to transcription jobs. So, he found an institution that offers a certificate in transcribing. It's called the Transcription Certification Institute and it's based in Irvine, California. According to their website they offer full transcription training for a one time fee of $400 and 87% of those that complete the program find lasting, REAL work with a transcription company after they are finished with the program.
I don't know if this necessarily qualifies as being a potential work at home scam, but he wants to find work at home after he is certified and I wasn't sure what to tell him about this place. If anybody out there knows anything about it or knows that it is a scam I would be grateful if you let me know.
Also, if this is a scam does anybody know of any legitimate transcription certification programs that find their graduates work after because I'm at a loss for what to tell him.