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    Flight 370 Scientific Scams

    OMG, Bill Nye the science guy was on CNN talking about the black box on the Flight 370 and all these scientific theories, speculation scams. Its been 18 days, I can't believe with all the satellites and tracking devices they can't figure it out! They are using listening devices, sonar, but its all not working. Plus all the crazy conspiracy theories too. Seems like the data pings should have been started before the 4th day.
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    Re: Flight 370 Scientific Scams

    they are hiding something. the Malaysian government hinted that the pilot had severe emotional problems. if they knew that they may be liable if they did not ground him.:

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    Re: Flight 370 Scientific Scams

    Quote Originally Posted by bala24 View Post
    Do u guys believe that it actually crashed into the ocean.I for once,find it hard to believe.
    and again..Why should it veer off track for 5 hrs ..?? Too many unanswered question..!!
    Then what do you believe happened to it exactly?

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    Re: Flight 370 Scientific Scams

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