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    Debris Off the Coast of Australia

    Norway’s TV 2 reports that at a Thursday afternoon press conference in Norway, the shipping company said that its vessel was still the only one in the area of the Indian Ocean captured in satellite images on Sunday showing unidentified objects. The Norwegian station reports that the vessel is a freight ship and has limited search equipment available.

    According to the Guardian, “The car carrier has been in the search area for 16 hours, a spokesman from the company said. He added the crew were looking for debris with binoculars. This may sound old fashioned but it was the best method, the man from Höegh said.” On board are 19 crew members.

    Update: 9:25 a.m. ET: Australian maritime authorities announce the search in the Indian Ocean west of Perth has ended for Thursday and will resume Friday. Crews on four search aircraft did not find any debris from MH370, as satellite images had held out hope.

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    Re: Debris Off the Coast of Australia

    it's anybodies GUESS now!? :errr: :freak3: :chicken: :rotz:
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    Re: Debris Off the Coast of Australia

    3 ... 2 .... 1

    "It's all Obama's fault"

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    Re: Debris Off the Coast of Australia

    They have yet to find anything other than ocean trash at this point lol. There is a very good chance that we will never find the plane.
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