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    Michael Kors Handbags Sucks

    Yes, scam.com officially is stating that Michael Kors (handbags) is a spammer, a scammer and SERIOUSLY licks the sweat off my nutsack. Michael Kors sucks. I am working to get you bannned in Google for spamming my message board TENS OF THOUSANDS OF TIMES daily for a fooking year! F00k you f00kface!

    YES people. He is one of the biggest message board spammers in the world.
    Tens of thousands of forums with jibberish posts linking to his crappy bags.
    Even if its an affiliate he doesn't kill the links or deactivate the account, so he's hiring these pricks.

    I have even seen his product, it is Chinese crap, don't even bother giving him the time of day.

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    Re: Michael Kors Handbags Sucks

    I get so much email spam from Michael Kors, I know for a fact I have never even visited their website nor have I bought a bag. How does this happen?

    No need to swear my brother over this, don't let them get to you.

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    Re: Michael Kors Handbags Sucks

    What? Hiring these people, that is absurd. I guess now it makes sense that I get all sorts of crap about his handbags. I probably never would have bought anything with his name on it, but now I definitely won't.

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