I experienced fraud first hand, gave them the required $500.00 to bid on insurance salvage cars with understanding if I didn't win, I could get refund in 90 days. Since I was looking for a specific car, I had no problem to keep money on account for 90 days, but this is when it got crazy.

I bid on a few cars, but as it turns out, the representatives will call you and haunt you to bid higher to win, which I didn't fall for, but then it got real interesting, this idiot representative evidently placed a bid much, much higher than my original bid of $5000. for car. He put in bid for $12000. and I was invoiced for it, all without my permission or knowledge.

Long story short, they double billed me for the $500.00 on credit card, this took a dispute with credit card bank since it was not resolved with numerous emails and calls. Three months I went to bank and did get my double charge reversed, too bad I didn't get them both reveresed since it took another six months to get this illegal bid reversed, which to this day still shows as a default negative on my account which locks up the $500.00 refund owed.

I was told in December I would get a check in 12 days, nothing showed up, then I get notice company filed bankruptcy, so we all know what that means, they spent all the money and didn't have any to refund, which could be thousands judging from complaints filed. DO NOT SEND SALVAGE WORLD ANY DEPOSITS, PERIOD. The are still operating under the protection of bankruptcy, so now I have to join class action suit where you rarely will get ten cents on the dollar lost given lawyer fees and expenses, never mind the years it will take to be heard by judge. TOTAL RIPOFF.