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    Do not do surveys on the phone

    Listen I set up a Magic Jack phone number just for this one month scam experiment. My findings: Do not, I repeat Do NOT do surveys on the phone.

    If you immediately won something that's a red flag. I guarantee there's a $4.95 to $6.95 charge 5 hrs later.

    Then imagine doing a 20 minute survey. You are either at work or burning cell phone minutes, they say one thing then do another.

    Then the calls begin. And never end. At least 12 a day.

    They sell your info, your phone rings off the hook, you are in hell. You are forced to make up fake excuses so that MAYBE, just MAYBE they delete you. Then they sell you to another shitty company.

    I spent a month in this vortex and I think I am savvy, but it's impossible when people call, steal your credit cards.

    I got away with some things and gave an expired credit card but I never got what was promised (gift cards) in the mail.

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    Re: Do not do surveys on the phone

    I think that's the same with these companies selling your info like email address to other companies, so that they can spam you some more. I think that's why disposable emails and phone numbers became popular because of the hassle that these companies give to the people that they pester.

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    Re: Do not do surveys on the phone

    I normally to not do such surveys. The survey owners might even scam you by saying your profiles not compatible after filling the survey for over 10 mins! That is a lot of time and money to waste on these surveys.

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