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    Charlie Bit My Finger Official Video

    One of my favorite YouTube videos. I just started this category and this one came to mind. Charlie bit my finger, the original, the official, no ads in the beginning, enjoy (sorry about the overlay one, not me). This video always makes me smile, always puts me in a good mood. Reminds me of how pure and simple and beautiful life is when you are innocent and honest. If you have never seen this, then WOW I don't believe it. It's even cuter because of the British accent, I don't know why either.

    I really wish someone would make a punk or acoustic song off these lyrics:

    GA ah
    ha ha Charley
    Charlie bit me
    hm hm hm
    aah aahh hoo hoo hoo
    ouch ooch
    ooch Charlie
    Charlie that really hurt
    Charlie bit me
    and that realy hurt Charlie
    and it's still hurting

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