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    OReilly Interview With Marylin Manson

    People send me 50 videos a day through icq and skype chat. This is an old 2012 interview with rocker Marylin Manson and Bill O'Reilly on the Factor TV show. This is how intellectual debate should be across ALL people, races, platforms, walks of life, etc. I love the subject of music and influence on society. Although I am not a Marylin Manson fan and hate Bill, I thoroughly enjoyed this GREAT interview. We can all learn from this::rain::rain::rain:

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    Re: OReilly Interview With Marylin Manson

    Did you mean 2002 instead of 2012? This interview was right around the time of his "The Golden Age Of Grotesque" album, a few years after Columbine. It's nice to see that Manson wasn't afraid to go on O'Reilly and defend himself and his work considering how quickly he was blamed for that incident. He also did some great interviews in Bowling For Columbine as well as the Bill Maher show back in 1998 with, believe it or not, Florence Henderson, who was also sticking up for him and his music.

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