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    Bob Costas Pinkeye From Botox ?

    So Page 6 from the Ny Post states that Bob Costas got pinkeye from a botched botoox treatment.

    Doctors say it is rare to contract an infection from a Botox injection, unless there was contamination or the patient suffered an allergic reaction. New York plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Warfel, who has not treated Costas, told Page Six: “If the Botox procedure is done properly, the patient shouldn’t get pink eye. It is highly unlikely unless the procedure was unclean, when the patient could contract cellulitis of the eyelid [symptoms include redness and swelling of the eyelid].”
    This is from NBC Sports:
    NBC strongly denies that Costas developed the infection from a Botox procedure.
    A spokesperson from NBC Sports insisted to us, “This has zero truth to this. Zero.
    We had another thread discussion here at scam.com if you want more Bob Costs news.

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    Re: Bob Costas Pinkeye From Botox ?

    Man that fool looked crazy. Why didn't they put some mirror sunglasses on that turd? I had the heeby jeebies looking at that guy. I was scratching and squirmin all over my couch. Botox, hahahahaha.. I don't have that problem....Black Don't Crack!

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