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    I am getting things mailed to me I didn't order

    I got mailed two packages of boner pills in the mail. I'm getting things mailed unwanted, unordered things in the mail that I didn't order. I immediately called Netbilling and they refunded me. Someone stole my credit card and I was set up on this recurring pill subscription and the email was some ATT email address. My identity was stolen and I had to change my credit cards. I only use GMAIL so I know it was fraud. It truly is a scary world out there.

    Folks I run scam.com and this happened to ME. You gotta check bank statements like hawks. They will do clever descriptors and low charges to fly under the proverbial radar.

    Has anyone else gotten mailed unwanted things? Where you have no idea why you got them?:cwm14:
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    Re: I am getting things mailed to me I didn't order

    Sounds like you may have ordered something online and was, unknown to you, enrolled in something... why would someone steal your card data just to send you stuff??? There's no money for them in doing that.

    A common practice when you order stuff from TV advertisements is to keep sending you stuff and charging your card. You also have to be careful when you place an online order... be wary... read everything before you click that approval button.

    You are very correct... watch your statements!!! I had my card compromised once and learned of it when I discovered a $500.00 purchase from LL Bean on my account!! It was a real pain to get straightened out.

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    Re: I am getting things mailed to me I didn't order

    Were you able to find out any information on the ATT address? That sounds kind of odd for them to be sending the items to your house. I would guess one of two scenarios:

    - Either they decided to prank you and thought it would be funny to have the items shipped to your household with your name on it.

    - Or it could possibly be someone who lives near you that did it, and they were planning on intercepting your mail to steal the package when it arrived.

    I've heard of hackers stealing people's credit card numbers then ordering stuff and having it shipped to houses where nobody is currently residing, so they can grab the packages off the porches or mailboxes without anyone knowing.

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